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Cross your fingers for Hawaii!

Hawaii is one step closer to being a gay friendly state as the House of Representatives voted in favor of Civil Unions.  The bill has yet to be signed into action by Governor Linda Lingle, a die hard Republican who is pretty against the action.  However, I think that she should take into consideration the voices of the people and not simply her own whims.  Not only would it put an end to part of the Hawaiian fight for equality that has been going on since the early 1990’s but it would also make Hawaii the 6th state to grant these rights to same sex couples and can you spell economic boom! I don’t know what Governor Lingle is thinking but it would be in the best interest of Hawaii to:

A) Be seen as a progressive open minded state and

B) It would be a huge boost to their economy if she were to sign this through being that Hawaii is already a popular honeymoon spot what better place to elope to!?

I don’t want to sound too much like an ass but if Lingle had a brain in her head, she would do what is best for her state…


Go Kristin Chenoweth!

Kristin Chenoweth stood up for her LGBTQ brothers and sisters recently in an open letter to Newsweek about their decidedly homophobic article.  Newsweeks Ramin Setoodeh stated in his article that he did not think gay actors could properly portray straight characters.  Which led me to the question: Does this go both ways? What makes straight actors more able to play gay characters than gay actors able to play straight?  It is called acting, for a reason!  Wonderfully enough though, Kristen Chenoweth took a stand and ripped Setoodeh a new one, rather gracefully I would say.  As quoted in the article I listed below from Chenoweth’s letter, “I was shocked on many levels to see Newsweek publishing Ramin Setoodeh’s horrendously homophobic ‘Straight Jacket,’ which argues that gay actors are simply unfit to play straight” and “This article offends me because I am a human being, a woman and a Christian. For example, there was a time when Jewish actors had to change their names because anti-Semites thought no Jew could convincingly play Gentile”

Heck yeah Kristen Chenoweth! Check out the article below for more, it also includes some links to sites that talk about “out” bi-sexual, gay and lesbian celebs. 🙂

Warm Fuzzies That Give Me Hope

My friend Katie sent me a link to this website last night and I have proceeded to read through all the pages of posts, it is so inspirational!  I copied all the LBGT related GMH and put them here because they gave me hope as well as lots of warm fuzzies. 🙂  Please share this and tell people about!

A few months ago my ultra-conservative family found out that I am gay. My mom called me on the phone telling me that my aunt wanted to talk to me. I sat alone outside ready to begin breaking down as I dialed her number. She answered and said but three words. “I love you.” Nothing meant more to me. Her understanding GMH.

I am a lesbian in a very small town in Texas.

Today, an older couple saw me holding hands with my girlfriend and stopped to tell us how beautiful we were together.  The man said, “Thank you for not being ashamed of who you are and showing that love sees no gender.”  His acceptance GMH. * Visit LGMH for more like this.

Today, walking on campus, I saw two guy holding hands on their way to class, looking completely happy. And no one was making fun or staring at them! I live in the most conservative town in Southern Missouri… their courage, and other students’ acceptance GMH!

My dad would always start out conversations with”Do you have a girlfriend yet?”

After laughing and saying no hundreds of times I finally found the courage to tell him I was gay. After a long silence and a stressed out face or two, he calmy said, “Oh. Well…. Do you have a boyfriend yet?”  His fair love GMH.

When my parents found out about my lesbian relationship, they threatened to stop helping with college tuition.

My brother told them he would always support me, whatever my sexuality, and that if they wouldn’t, he would support me financially until I could be independent.  Loving older brothers GMH.

My best friend has quite some trouble. She was depressed and there was no way to truly cheer her up. Until she met that one girl. They are together for about six months now and I’ve never seen her this happy. How can people be against real love (even if it’s gay love)? They GMH

My aunt was explaining to my five year old cousin that people got married because they loved each other and were each others best friends he replied that he was going to marry his best friend too. His best friend is a boy. His innocence GMH

Last year I was sitting on my floor, knife in my hand, watching the blood seep from my wrist. I was suffering from depression, largely due to acceptance of my sexuality. As I sat there, an online friend whom I had never met signed on, within seconds he said hello. One year later and we’re about to celebrate our 7 month anniversary. GMH

Today, my friend told her father she was gay.

He turned and left silently, and she cried, thinking he wouldn’t accept her. About an hour later, he came back with a gay pride flag and a stuffed animal dolphin and said, ”Did you know 40% of the dolphin population is gay?”  Her dad GMH.

My mother hates my openly gay best friend and has forbidden him from ever entering her house.

Last week she had brain surgery and still hasn’t awakened. When I woke up this morning, he was reading quotes to her from her bible, even though he’s an atheist.  The fact that he was trying to comfort her after all she’s done to him GMH.

There are but two boys in my high school who have openly admitted they are gay.

They are constantly spit at and beat on in school, yet the more confident always holds the shyer one’s hand. Despite threats, they showed up to prom together, wearing matching suits.  Seeing them on the dance floor, ignoring the world GMH.

A few weeks ago, I told my father I was gay.

He was extremely angry and yelled at me. As I lay in bed crying, I texted my little brother to tell him how sorry I was. A minute later, my phone received his reply: “Never apologize to me for who you are. I love you, big sis.”  His unconditional love GMH.

Today, I was in a bus station saying goodbye to my girlfriend.

Me, being a lesbian, kissed her and hugged her for a long time. After she got on the bus, a little boy comes up to me and hugs me. He said, “My mommy doesn’t like people like you, but I do because you’re really pretty.”  This little kid GMH

One day in my friend’s highschool, a bully shoved a boy down a flight of stairs and broke a few bones because the boy was gay.  My friend confronted the bully, got into a fight, and gave him a bloody nose. My friend is a tiny, shy italian girl who didn’t even know the boy.  Human beings standing up for other human beings, no matter the danger GMH

Today, I read that Houston elected its first gay mayor. Open-minded people GMH.

A month ago at my school, a transgender student was beaten to the ground for standing up to three other students who said that our campus hates gays. The next day, nearly half the entire campus rallied to show support of the LGBT community in the quad. The student that was beaten was crying. GMH.

Today, I proposed to my girlfriend of four years in a nice restaurant. When she said yes, the entire restaurant stood up and applauded.  We’re both women.  Understanding of true love GMH.

Today I found out about a 10-year-old boy who has been harrassed by his classmates because he refuses to say the Pledge of Allegiance. Why? He says that until gays and lesbians have equal rights, there isn’t really “liberty and justice for all”. Kids with the courage to stand up for their fellow human beings GMH.

Today, I came out of the closet to my extremely-Christian parents after hiding it in fear for more than seven years. They hugged me and told me that no matter what path I chose, they would always love me for who I am. 🙂 GMH

I’ve been so scared for months to come out to the guys at work fearing that they would not want to work with me, hate me or beat me up ( these are some macho guys). Today one of them ask me what I liked in a girl, I had no response, then he said joking, “what are you gay?” I didn’t respond. Then “if you were gay I would be okay with it”. GMH:)

The homosexual boy in my senior class was not harassed, bashed, or mocked for his sexuality. As a matter of fact at our senior prom he was voted prom king AND prom queen, and he received a standing ovation from our entire class as he cat walked across every foot of the stage. GMH!

A while ago I saw a middle-aged couple walking together holding hands and smiling. They looked so completely in love and proud of it that I still remember it clearly to this day. They were walking in the city with a few dozen people near them and a street full of cars. They were both men. I have never believed in true love as much as I did then. GMH

When my friend’s brother told his family he was gay, his parents wanted to disown him. My friend told his parents that they either had two sons or none. My friend’s support of his brother GMH.

I recently came out of the closet in a very conservative town. My relationship status with my boyfriend was posted on Facebook. I received a message from a kid in my grade who I never talked to. It said he admired me, that he’d never have the courage to do that and that he supported me. GMH

Last summer I was working as an assistant wedding photographer in California during the brief period when gay couples could marry there. While working a wedding at the San Fransisco City Hall, I watched two old men in tuxedos help each other up the stairs in order to finally get married after over 30 years together. GMH.

Today, same-sex marriage was legalized in Vermont. It is the fourth state to have done so but the first to legalize it through legislation rather than a court ruling. I live in California and I am straight, but watching a clip of a couple waiting nearly 17 years to wed finally say ‘I do’ was so emotional . Equality, even through baby steps, GMH

Today, at an assembly, i saw a guy in my grade getting picked on by some guys on the football team because he was gay. the brutal insults went on for about five minutes until the quarterback, the king of our school, stood up and announced he was gay. nobody ever made fun of the kid again. after, i asked him if he really was gay. He isn’t. GMH.

Today I had Varsity soccer tryouts. The extremely Christian coach told me I couldn’t try out because I’m gay and he felt weird having me on the team. I felt so bad about myself, until I found out every single other guy trying out left too, even 4th year varsity returners. Their kindess GMH.

I have a little sister who suffers from mental retardation. My mother told her I was gay and that “gay people don’t go to heaven’. My sister started sobbing saying, “It wouldn’t be heaven if Paloma wasn’t there.” My sister’s unconditional love GMH. – If penguins can accept it, so can we. Penguins GMH.

LGBT Zimbabweans Face Corrective Rape

Holy effin shit…

LGBT Zimbabweans Face “Corrective Rape”.

Why don’t more people care?

I really feel like these days, youth isn’t interested enough in things that should matter to them.  When I get on facebook all I ever seem to hear is gossip and the 50 million trivial little things that go on that won’t amount to a hill of beans in the outcome of their lives.

I guess it really surprises me because I thought my generation was pretty smart, we were going to make a difference and pull the world out of the archaic spinning that our parents had held in motion.  I don’t see that happening yet.  I don’t hear enough about things people should really be worried about and really take into consideration as it concerns their future.  Instead, I read status updates about hair.  Don’t get me wrong,  hair is important.  I just hate to see it come before other things that need our attention.

There is strength in numbers and there seem to be many that do not take an active interest in gay issues or current issues at all.  It seems as if the only time a great deal of individuals really show interest is if something is splashed across the media ex: Constance/Prom.  Unfortunately there are a lot of things that happen that are not deigned important enough for a great deal of media attention, this is where keeping yourself informed comes in.  I know that the steady group that holds on and keeps pushing for gay rights have an impact,  I just wish more individuals took the time to acquaint themselves with the issues that are in our hands.  If we don’t take the initiative to make a difference who will?!  What kind of environment are we leaving to our children if we don’t do the most we can to enforce change.  The world I grew up in was not so bad, but there was a lot of ignorance…still IS a lot of ignorance that runs rampant throughout our parental generation.  We should want to change that, make things better.

Please care…inform yourself.  Form an opinion, take a stance, do something!