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LGBT Zimbabweans Face Corrective Rape

Holy effin shit…

LGBT Zimbabweans Face “Corrective Rape”.


Why don’t more people care?

I really feel like these days, youth isn’t interested enough in things that should matter to them.  When I get on facebook all I ever seem to hear is gossip and the 50 million trivial little things that go on that won’t amount to a hill of beans in the outcome of their lives.

I guess it really surprises me because I thought my generation was pretty smart, we were going to make a difference and pull the world out of the archaic spinning that our parents had held in motion.  I don’t see that happening yet.  I don’t hear enough about things people should really be worried about and really take into consideration as it concerns their future.  Instead, I read status updates about hair.  Don’t get me wrong,  hair is important.  I just hate to see it come before other things that need our attention.

There is strength in numbers and there seem to be many that do not take an active interest in gay issues or current issues at all.  It seems as if the only time a great deal of individuals really show interest is if something is splashed across the media ex: Constance/Prom.  Unfortunately there are a lot of things that happen that are not deigned important enough for a great deal of media attention, this is where keeping yourself informed comes in.  I know that the steady group that holds on and keeps pushing for gay rights have an impact,  I just wish more individuals took the time to acquaint themselves with the issues that are in our hands.  If we don’t take the initiative to make a difference who will?!  What kind of environment are we leaving to our children if we don’t do the most we can to enforce change.  The world I grew up in was not so bad, but there was a lot of ignorance…still IS a lot of ignorance that runs rampant throughout our parental generation.  We should want to change that, make things better.

Please care…inform yourself.  Form an opinion, take a stance, do something!