Big Gay Blog

About the Author

I had the brilliant idea to start this blog while in an English class last semester.  I was able to choose the topics that I wanted to write about for papers and decided to do some double duty (really get the most our of my tuition money;)  so I picked all gay related topics to learn more about the issues that I will have to face.

“Will have to face” Yes thats right, I am a pretty much a baby lesbian.  I am not really sure when you grow out of that label, but I am pretty new to the scene.  I grew up in Northern MI, in a very conservative area under fairly conservative parents.  Graduating high school and going to college was refreshing, the city was big! I buckled down and achieved my first degree an Associates in Fashion Design and then went home for the Summer.  That Summer was probably the most life altering I have ever had, I met my now girlfriend and my whole super conservative way of thinking went (pretty much) out the window.  Luckily, along with my very supportive girlfriend I also have wonderful parents who took the news well and want me to be happy as well as a gay older brother who has been positively amazing.

I now live in Kalamazoo with my girlfriend, working towards a degree in Business and trying to fulfil my urge to write.


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