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Gay-Going Mainstream

I found this article entitled Is Hollywood ‘gay’ enough? read through it and found some interesting thoughts.  The article focuses on how mainstream gay shows are becoming especially with the show Modern Family that is currently running.

Modern Family is about a gay couple :Cameron and Mitchell and includes their adopted daughter Lilly.  Cameron and Mitchell are portrayed by Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson.  Ferguson, who plays Mitchell happens to be gay while his co-star Stonestreet (playing Cameron) is straight.  Ferguson and Stonestreet have a good working relationship regardless of their different sexual orientations.  The show appeals to viewers with its more comical look on life and focuses more on day-to-day happenings instead of nightly rendezvous.

I am a bit torn on how I feel about the gay culture going mainstream.  I feel that it should be done, don’t get me wrong.  However I do not want viewers to develop a skewed image of gay relationships.  I don’t want the term ‘gay’ to illicit thoughts of a three ring circus or cement homophobes ideas that gay individuals are promiscuous agents, unable to understand monogomy and bent on stealing their innocent sons and daughters.  I really feel that Modern Family has potential due to its clean focus on family life.  I feel that it is refreshing to see a show based about a gay couple that is not sex based.  Many newbie gays, fresh to the scene assume that gay people go out all the time, party and are frequently promiscuous which only strengthens the beliefs of those against the gay rights movement.

The article also touched on the fact that mainstream television has not yet gone into the topic of lesbians and transgendered individuals.  Which I would love to see happen soon, though I am a die-hard L Word fan, that is just the sort of show that might give us homo’s a bad name.  I think it would be fantastic if they could tame such a show down enough for mainstream TV (Omit the sex) because the characters are primarily lesbians and there also happens to be a transgender individual (moira/max) a lesbian identified man and straight allies.  Yet another point I enjoy about the L Word is their use of a variety of characters, plain speak: not everyone on that show is just white!

I feel that it is important to not only make homosexuality more mainstream but also incorporate other ethnicities.  This is imperative in making gay shows not only appealing to everyone but also more able to relate to.  If it is the goal to normalize gay and lesbian relationships via television, it is important to touch on a variety of aspects including family life and solid relationships to better endear LGBT individuals to viewers as well as make it apparent that different sexual orientations are indeed living, breathing, loving human beings like themselves.


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