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Wow, this trend is gayer than I am…

Something that has really been bugging me lately and I would just like to air out: Why is it that when I search wordpress for “gay issues” I get all these lovely blogs that are so completely off topic and rude that I could just spit.  You have gay this and gay that and OMG THAT IS SO GAY! It’s really starting to irritate me… As someone who legitimately wants to look up Gay Issues, I don’t want to be bogged down in your childishly ignorant speech that doesn’t get filtered!

I know someone out there definitely agrees with me, I read his blog a while back and we had a comment chat I liked it so much.  He has some wonderful points, please check it out!

Please please please, be conscientious of your LGBT brothers and sisters, do as his blog says and WATCH YOUR MOUTH!


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