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We are all such filthy fags…

So my friend Lisa sent me this link with a new article about the Westboro Babtist Church, and I really want to write them a letter.

This isn’t the first time I have seen information on them, my friend Katie turned me on to a youtube compilation a while back about a teenager that was beaten to death and the Westboro Babtists hateful words against him.  Here is the original youtube video:

Also the Westboro Babtist Church (Lead by Fred Phelps) also enjoys protesting at the funerals of soldiers.  Now I hope you don’t get the idea that I do not support the troops. – I just simply don’t feel that worrying about a pay scale more than peoples rights are where the governments priorities should be.- Anyways here is the CNN article and a youtube video that shows Fox News interviewing the Daughter of Fred Phelps about their continued protesting at military funerals.



The first time I saw the youtube compilation about the boy that was beaten to death I was positively astounded! I think I spent about the next two hours going through various other youtube videos that the Westboro Babtist Church has either made or that have been made about them.  The complete hatered that Westboro Babtist Church preaches is scary and very cult like.  Although in any interviews that they do, when they are questioned about the possiblility of being a cult they deny it instantly.  The facts however are that the Westboro Babtist Church is made up primarily of Fred Phelps’s family which consists of 13 children, 54 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren. (sounds like the begginings of a cult to me…)  They also adhere to very strict rules initiated by Fred Phelps himself and insist on trying to push their “religion” on others.

As I was saying I really really really want to write a letter, I have since I saw the first video.  I mentioned this to C though and she cautioned me not to on the grounds that it would be the equivilent of feeding a fire.  My letter would only make them say hurtful things to me and give them more of a reason to protest against “filthy fags.”  What should I do?  I get so terribly upset about the hurt that these people inflict on innocent individuals and I want to say something.


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