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I want to write a book.

I feel like there isn’t enough gay literature out there…or rather Lesbian literature if you want to get technical. (There really isn’t enough of either.) I have had this idea for a while, I want to write a book… The problem has always just been about the content though.  Then while talking to my Mom a while back I came up with the idea to write a lesbian novel or memoir sort of thing.  (Maybe it would sell…) I decided to do a quick search via to see what the market was like.  I already knew that there was a Girl Meets Boy novel and a Boy Meets Boy. (We actually have the Boy meets Boy by: David Levithan and it is really good) My thoughts went to whether or not there was a Girl Meets Girl book out there.  What I found was a bit depressing, although it does make for an open market 😉

I checked Boy Meets Girl (for curiosities sake and to try to be fair as well) and found the following:

I checked Boy Meets Boy, with only the Levithan book and a gay dating guide not much there…

Then I checked Girl Meets Girl, all I got was a Lesbian dating guide and a book of short stories…Kind of sparse don’t you think? I can smell the novel already…


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