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Let’s bash homosexuals in order to feel better about ourselves…

Alright so prior to falling asleep when I laid down for a nap I was thinking about the topic of closet cases.  (I kept having to remind myself to remember after I woke up;)

Not just any closet cases though…the gay bashing closet cases that act as derogatory as possible towards gays in order to, I guess cover up their insecurities. Thankfully this has never been my problem, growing up with a gay older brother I probably would have gotten my ass beat if I had been a snot to him but it never seemed unnatural to me.  I wanted him to be happy and it didn’t matter how he was  happy I loved him nonetheless. Who knew that years after he came out to me I would return the favor…

But enough about my silly history there really is a point to this, not all of our family is so understanding.  One person in particular our other brother, we will just say M, is a total gay basher.  Lucky for him his family gets two for the price of one and so M has plenty to bash about.  He loves saying things like fudge packer and rug muncher, and making lewd comments about our sex lives.  Now I don’t know if anyone else has noticed this trend with anyone they know but WOW he seems like a total closet case! I always get the vibe that he is trying to be overtly macho to cover up the fact that he does indeed have homosexual urges.   Now I don’t have any problem with going against societies unwritten set of rules for how to properly act like a man or a woman ( that lovely ingrained knowledge that is beaten into you from childhood when if you are a girl they hand you barbies v.s. tonka trucks) but apparently some people do. I really feel that these people are not strong enough to take on the task of going against societies standards to be themselves or to support diversity, hence you have the gay bashers.  Those who since they are not strong or brave enough to say” fuck you society” instead look down on the people who do.

My own GF is a good example of this, C grew up in your standard small town where like 95% of the people are ultra conservative individuals who wouldn’t or couldn’t understand the idea of diversity. (Just to give you an idea of the climate.)  People from this town have  a hard time with discrimination when it comes to African Americans let alone homosexuals! Anyways, growing up in this climate where societies standards are firmly in place can obviously have its consequences.  C, was a self-proclaimed gay basher.  Notice I said was… The inability to understand her sexuality due to where she grew up and being fed the overtly conservative mantras of what good little hetero’s should do, made her lash out against her natural feelings.  It wasn’t until college that she fully came to terms with her sexual orientation.

I can definitely understand why gay bashers do what they do, it is a mechanism of self-preservation.  However I find it sad that those that do happen to be closet cases cannot find the strength to come out.  Though they feel like they are preserving their personas and being “normal” they are really just repressing  their inner selves. To those closet-bashers out there I would just like to say that it is most refreshing to come out!


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  1. * Steven A says:

    ive always felt that anyone bashing gays for no damn reason is more than likely gay themselves. Heres a funny story, you know how blunt I am with people and how occasionally ill get under someones skin right? Well one time in the student game lounge at iadt me and some friends were playing Tekken which if you dont know is a fighting game. Two other people were playing and they started bitching at each other. So I made the comment “why dont you two just make out already”. The older guy laughed because he knows me and he knows im just fucking around but the 18 year old kid behind me got really really pissed off about it. “I aint no fucking fag man, ill beat yo ass dawg” lol. I never said he was a “fag” and I dont get why he got soo upset about it lol. Anyways gay bashing is soo stupid. I can admit when I was in highschool I probably wasnt as mature about the subject as I am now but I never would tear down someone verbally or physically just because of what someone prefers. Life is short and you can only love what you love so hey live ya life lol.

    | Reply Posted 8 years, 4 months ago
    • * Big Gay Blog says:

      That is a really good example Steve! Classic! And good for you for being the bigger person and not being judgmental! Thanks for commenting! ❤

      | Reply Posted 8 years, 4 months ago

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