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Hard Evidence

Hey again,

Now, just to get things straight I am not trying to be a bible thumping lesbian, I feel that everyone has a choice and I am not right if I try to push my beliefs on others.  However, in my previous blog there was an article by Craige McMillan and a letter that I in turn sent to him.  As I stated in my letter, my girlfriend and I go to church, a church that we found through friends and we were lucky that they are very open and friendly to us.  I noticed some interesting things today when we went to church and it made me chuckle, I wish I had noticed this prior to sending the McMillan letter.

Walking into church today it was a bit windy and we noticed something on the flagpole that we had not seen before, a gay pride flag with a cross on it,  then during service this morning my girlfriend points out in the weekly newsletter the Welcome Statement.  It reads as follows from the churches website:

Welcome to Portage Chapel Hill United Methodist Church, a church in the service of Christ, where all peoples are welcome and invited to grow in Christian discipleship by discovering, through Christ, meaning and purpose in their daily living, working and loving by:

  • discerning their own unique gifts, talents and strengths
  • cultivating these gifts and preparing to accept new ministries
  • deploying their gifts as ambassadors for Christ in the ministry of reconciliation in their home, school, community and workplace.

We are called to recognize Christ in everyone, inclusive of, but not limited to those of differing socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, race, age, ethnic background, creed, gender, disabilities or abilities and family make up. We understand diversity to be a gift from a creative God. We discern that God is challenging the Christian community to lead by example and to strive to reflect God’s unconditional and forgiving love, and to be a life-giving church community that reaches out to all.

There we go McMillan, hard evidence that a church can be open minded… I really feel like he could learn from them. 🙂


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